Kind Man Spent His Subway Ride Playing The Violin For A Baby Because She Was Crying

When a kind man heard a baby crying on the subway, he played his violin for her until she was all smiles and giggles.

A passenger on the TTC subway in Toronto, Canada, was sitting across from a mother holding a stroller with a baby girl inside, when the young child began to cry. Everyone in the subway car could hear the baby’s cries, when one kind young man wearing a sailor hat and holding a violin walked up to the baby and her mother.

He proceeded to play the violin for the crying baby, and after a few moments, she stopped crying and sat straight up in her stroller; mesmerized while hearing and seeing a violin be played for the first time.

“Man spent his subway ride playing his violin for a baby because it was crying,” the passenger shared in a reddit post online.

Photo credit: reddit

The look on the baby girl’s face shows just how much she was entertained, and her smiling mother and everyone else on the subway felt the same way.

The kind man plays the violin for a small group named Jumple, and he is quite skilled. Thanks to his willingness to help the young crying child, everyone riding the subway had something to smile about that day.

You are Loved.

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