Kind Sanitation Worker Brought Official Hat For Young Boy Who Waits To Help Him With The Trash Each Week

After a young boy helped a garbage man carry out the trash on multiple pickups, the kind sanitation worker brought him an official company hat to wear.

A reddit user shared the heartwarming moment of seeing his little nephew help bring the trash out and receiving a brand new Waste Management hat.

“Every Thursday morning my little nephew waits for the garbage man to arrive so he can help,” Ben shared in a post online. “Today they brought him a WM hat to wear.”

Photo credit: Ben / reddit

The little boy loves helping with the trash so much he even had a tiny yellow WM vest and yellow winter hat to match the sanitation worker’s uniform, which may have been gifted previously.

Photo credit: Ben / reddit

Thousands online have appreciated the sweet moment shared between the boy and the sanitation worker.

“This is what I needed to see today,” wrote one grateful heart.

“His hard work has been rewarded!” wrote another.

“I love this”,” commented another.

You are Loved.


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