Kind Special Needs School Bus Driver Arranged For Children To Meet Santa, Bought Each Child A Gift

A kind special needs school bus driver made sure that all of the children he drives to school each day got to meet Santa Claus for Christmas.

While visiting home for Christmas, a reddit user learned that his dad had also invited all of the special needs children on his school bus and their parents to celebrate Christmas together with them at their home.

“My dad drives a special needs school bus, and this year he invited all the kids to his house to see Santa Claus,” reddit user Bpayne7 shared in a post online.

He also arranged for a Santa Claus to be there to meet the children, and he purchased each child a present for Santa to give to them. His son shared that his dad runs a business, but spends his free time driving special needs children to school “because he wants to.”

“He also purchased gifts for all the kids for Santa to give them. This was the only picture I could get before the water works. I’m 27 years old and my dad is still taking me to school.”

Photo credit: Bpayne7

Tens of thousands of hearts online were moved by the bus driver’s kindness.

“Give your dad a big hug on behalf of me. I’m a dad to a special needs son. It can be hard. Seeing other people show kindness like this, brings such happiness to my heart,” commented one grateful heart.

“Special needs Mom here, our daughter loves Christmas and Santa!! Her highlight of the day is the bus ride to school!! Thank your dad for us, he is making a difference. God Bless him,” shared another.

You are Loved.


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