Kind 6th Grader Seen Shoveling Isolated Elderly Woman’s Porch, Next Day His Classmates Brought Her Cards/Food

When a kind young man learned that his elderly neighbor had not left her house for several weeks, he took it upon himself to stop by her house and shovel the snow off of her porch.

Nichole Elder, a school bus driver, had a student on her bus mention with concern that his elderly neighbor hadn’t left her house in several weeks.

“I drive a school bus and have a 6 grader who I would like to talk about,” Nichole shared in a post online. “Last week he was talking about an elderly neighbor not leaving her house for weeks. I tried to explain how hard it could be for her to do things.”

On Tuesday morning when it was snowing, Nichole pulled up to the boy’s regular stop but he wasn’t there. She looked around and saw the kind 6th grader at the elderly woman’s house, shoveling the snow off of her porch.

“On Tuesday I pulled up and he wasn’t at the stop waiting. I looked over and saw him shoveling her porch. I was early so I waited for him.”

Other children asked the bus driver why she was waiting instead of driving to school, and she explained how the young man was helping his elderly neighbor, and how that deserved a few extra minutes.

“The other kids asked why I waited. I said anyone helping someone deserves a few extra minutes.”

When the boy finished and got on the school bus, the other children asked him questions about his neighbor. The next day, seven of the children brought gifts, food and cards for the elderly woman.

“All the kids started asking him questions about his neighbor. The next day 7 children got on the bus with blankets, food and cards for the elderly woman. I delivered them after work. Now every day she stands on the porch and the whole bus waves good morning. I am so proud of him for stepping up and doing the right thing. He taught all the children something important. I smile with pride in my heart because of the extraordinary children I have on my bus.”

You are Loved.

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