Loving Dad Meets 38-Yr-Old Daughter At Her Work To Salt Her Walkway So She Won’t Slip On Ice

When Elizabeth Bautista Boyd arrived at her company parking lot on a cold winter morning, to her surprise, she found that her dad was there waiting for her.

Elizabeth’s dad had driven to his daughter’s company parking lot in Muskogee, Oklahoma, early in the morning, to be sure that he was there before his daughter arrived. Streets and sidewalks had frozen the night before, so her dad had woken up early to bring some de-icing salt so that he could sprinkle it on the ground to make safe Elizabeth’s path from her car to the company’s front door.

“You guys… THIS IS MY DAD,” Elizabeth shared.

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“He drove to my workplace and waited on me to arrive so he could pour a trail of salt from my vehicle to the front door of my building so that I, his 38 year old daughter, wouldn’t slip and fall on the ice…
My heart y’all… ❤️ Love you daddy.”

This simple but sweet gesture of a father’s love for his daughter has touched thousands of hearts online.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always be their child. That’s pure love ? ,” commented Cynthia Anne.

“What a blessing ! My dad would pick me up as he had 4 wheel drive and take me to work because I am a nurse and could not be off!
I miss that man so much!!?” wrote Deb D.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Bautista Boyd

“A father’s love for his daughter ❤️ ” wrote Norma P.

“Thanks for this. I miss my dad so much, and this brought him back, just for a second,” shared Missy M.

“? This is something my dad would do,” commented Erin W.

“You have an outstanding “Daddy” and you are SO very blessed to still have him at 38, while that is still young cherish him and spend time with him and tell him how much you love him… I am sure you do. Beautiful story thanks for sharing,” wrote Sheila A.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Bautista Boyd

“What a great dad. Your children are always your babies no matter how old they are!” wrote Kirby D.

“This is the sweetest thing I have seen in a while. ? Take care of that daddy! ❤️” wrote Kathy H.

“Every girl should have a dad like yours. I did. I still miss him,” wrote Brenda H.

“I worked evening shifts as a nurse at our local hospital years ago, and during bad weather I would get off work to find my dad scraping ice and snow off my car. I miss him,” commented Jeanne S.

You are Loved.

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