Manager Spent 10 Minutes Kindly Helping Elderly Man Setup Google Maps After He Asked For Directions

When an elderly man came into McDonalds just to ask for directions, a kind manager spent more than ten minutes helping him setup Google Maps on his phone and teaching him how to use it, to make sure that he could get to his destination.

A customer saw this “nice old man” walk in and ask for directions, and was moved by how far the kind manager went in order to make sure he was well taken care of.

She not only helped him setup the Google application on his phone, but taught him how to enter the address he wanted to get to, and showed him how to follow the directions by following the green dot.

“This nice old man just came into McDonalds asking for directions,” reddit user Gjixy shared in a post online, “and the manager has taken at least 10 minutes to setup Google Maps on his phone, plug the address in, and teach him how to “follow the green dot” [to get to his destination]. Faith in humanity restored ?”

Photo credit: Reddit

Thousands of hearts online have been moved by the manager’s act of kindness for an elderly man needing a little help.

“We really are at our best as a species when we’re helping others. It makes us all better. Not only has this man’s journey been improved, his life will now be better since he knows how to get around easier. It will be simpler for him to go new places. He will leave with his own warm, fuzzy feeling about others and he’ll be more likely to be nicer to the people at his destination when he arrives. Whoever witnessed this also feels better about their lives, and about those around them. We’re all better off when we’re all better off,” commented H.S.

“I see a wonderful and generous person treating another person with kindness,” wrote R.N.

“McDonalds employee here. I’ve had several times of helping both regulars and old people with technology issues, directions or other similar things. Sadly a lot of these people don’t have someone to go to for help and sometimes want a nice conversation ?” shared Ash R.

You are Loved.

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