Sweet Child Gently Lets Go Of Stick And Gives A Long Hug To His Superhero Piñata

The heart of a child is pure.

While experiencing his first piñata at a party, a sweet young boy wanted to hug his superhero piñata rather than hit it with a stick.

The young boy was handed a purple piñata stick by his mom, and was gently tapping the superhero piñata which was filled with candy.

Photo credit: YouTube

After a few tries, the boy’s mom takes the stick and hands it to his brother, and the sweet little boy goes over and gives the piñata a hug.

Photo credit: YouTube

He hugs the piñata for a good amount of time, and those watching realized how special the moment was.

Photo credit: YouTube

Watch This Video Of The Sweet Little Boy Hugging His Piñata:

You are Loved.

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