Employee Who Normally Cleaned The Restaurant Successfully Took Her First Order As A Cashier

A cashier who normally cleaned the lobby of an Arby’s restaurant proudly took her first order as a cashier.

“I’d like to introduce Anna,” Emily Trusty shared in a post online. “Anna was hired in 4 weeks ago!! She works a couple days a week, cleans the lobby and talks with the guests. She has quickly become the face of my store.”

Emily set Anna up at the cash register, and she was able to successfully take her first order.

“Today Anna took her first order on frontline. With some assistance she was able to navigate the screen, take names and give out change! In Anna’s words herself “Nailed It” she even kept the receipt for the order to show everyone as proof!! We are proud!!”

Photo credit: Emily Trusty / Arby’s Foundation

Anna has also enjoyed preparing food orders for customers.

“She continues to learn and grow everyday,” Emily shared. “Most recently she has begun her journey in sandwich preparation. She is a self proclaimed sandwich boxer, wrapper and cutting expert! She takes orders everyday she works and is still the face of our store!! We are very proud!!”

Thousands of hearts online have appreciated Anna’s progress and her beautiful smile.

“Oh, how wonderful! Bless your heart sweetie, good job,” commented Francoise S.

“As a parent of a special needs daughter, I know how hard is for them to reach a goal that, for the rest of us, could be nothing. It is wonderful to be in that moment when they feel that joy and it is wonderful to see how people can feel that joy too!!! We need more smiles like Anna’s in the world!!” commented Ivan O.

“Thank you, Emily, for hiring this bright young woman, Anna. You were certainly right. When I used to look for people to hire, it was not just what they wrote on paper. Their interview told me much more. About them. Clearly, even from this pic, Anna has a great positive attitude!! She enjoys her job, and is proud of what she does there. She is clearly a great choice for your business. Keep going, Anna…” shared Joy L.

“Hooray ANNA! Wonderful smile and sunshine! We need more of you!” wrote Jeanine B.

You are Loved.

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