Child Runs Into Man’s Car With A Broken Bike, Instead Of Yelling At Him, Kind Man Buys Him A New Bike

A young boy in Turkey was riding his bike with his friends, when suddenly his bike ran into a parked car by accident.

The brakes on the boy’s bike were broken, but he had continued to ride it so that he could still play with his friends. After hitting the car, the boys feared for the worst; that an angry owner would come outside and yell at them for what they had done.

Yet when the kind owner of the vehicle came outside to see what had happened, and after hearing their story, he refrained from yelling at them. He understood that what had happened was unintentional, and that if the boy had working brakes on his bike, that he wouldn’t have hit his car. He forgave the child for the damage he caused to his car, and instead went out and purchased him a brand new bike.

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As the kind man gave him the bike, the young boy started crying, and understandably so. How often are children yelled at for making mistakes, rather than being treated with understanding and love?

Hundreds of thousands have praised the car owner’s kindness online.

“Why can’t everyone be like this?” commented D.B.

“I appreciate that this boy still has his emotions intact. Crying from happiness and in appreciation are the best tears. He’ll be paying this moment forward in his own adulthood,” wrote R.T.

“I was at my Grandpa’s house in Serbia when I was about 10 years old and my family was teaching me how to ride a motorcycle (more like a dirtbike). As soon as I accelerated, I freaked out and steered towards the neighbor’s garage without braking. I left a giant hole in his garage and got off the dirtbike and ran into the bathroom for 2 hours to hide and cry. Luckily, my grandpa was a handyman and fixed the garage by the time I finished crying lol,” shared H.C.

“I love this,” wrote Chelsea.

“That is a good man! I wager this kid will remember this for the rest of his life. I also imagine that it will influence the things he does as an adult,” commented Meg G.

When we plant seeds of gentleness and kindness, they bloom into beautiful human beings.

You are Loved.

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