‘Do you mind if I sit with you?’ How A Kind Man Showed Love To A Homeless Man Who Ordered $1 Worth Of Food And Sat Alone

There are times in life when we are able to witness beautiful acts of love and kindness that take place between one stranger and another. One of these moments happened after a homeless man came into a fast food restaurant and ordered a single item from the dollar menu, and then found an isolated corner away from the other customers to eat at. Jonathan McCall shared the following story about the heart-opening experience:

“Caden and I were sitting in Taco Bell tonight having a small snack before heading home. While eating, I noticed a man walk in, the same disheveled, dirty man that was sitting outside on the sidewalk when we entered Taco Bell. He would not make eye contact with the girl when he ordered his food and kept his face down towards the floor. His body looked tired and his spirit looked broken. Speaking in a timid voice, he ordered a single item from the $1 menu. After he received his food, selected a table that was away from everyone else in the restaurant. He placed his small pack that contained all of his belongings on the back of a chair and sat to eat his meager meal.

‘Do you mind if I sit with you?,’ I asked. Without looking up, he shook his head no. After a few moments of conversation, when he realized that I was not there with a self-serving agenda, his empty eyes finally looked into mine as he began to tell me his life history. This man’s name is Mark and tonight he was my friend for dinner. Yes, we sat in Taco Bell for what seemed like 5 minutes but in reality, I think it was nearly two hours of talking, laughing, crying, and enjoying every second of life.

Yes, he has a messy life. I have a messy life too. We all do! It would have been easy to ignore Mark.

It would have been easy to scoff at him or look down on him because his problems are more noticeable than ours.

The thing is, if our messy lives don’t define us in the eyes of the Lord, then why should Mark’s messy life define who he is to me? All I had to do was love him without prejudice or conditions. Seriously, it really is that simple. Just love! Unconditional love is empowering! It is freeing! It changes people! Just love them!

Although very few people know this, there have been many other ‘Marks’ that I’ve sat with and talked to and I know there will be many more.

I don’t say this to be boastful so please don’t take it that way. However, I do say all of this so that you realize that you too can make a difference. Be bold with your love!”

Photo Credit: Jonathan McCall

Life is not easy for the homeless, to say the least. As well as having little money, the homeless also often do not have enough compassion in their lives from those around them. Waking up on a bed made of stone or boxes each morning, being either too hot or too cold, being hungry, being unable to shower, and facing cold stares and often being ignored by those walking by, leaves an inner wound that grows by the day.

If you notice a person this week who seems to be in need of compassion, consider sharing some love with them, in any form that you can. Your beautiful act of kindness can help give them the love that they need to continue living their difficult lives, and it may open your heart as well.

You are Loved.

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