Kind Snow White Noticed Nonverbal Boy With Autism Crying; Gave Him A Hug And Walked With Him Around Epcot

When a young boy with Autism was crying while waiting in line for a photo with Snow White, she comforted him, spent extra time with him until he was calm, and walked with him around Epcot.

Lauren Bergner and her son Brody went to the Epcot theme park in Bay Lake, Florida, and while they were waiting in line to take a photo with Snow White, Brody began to cry. Brody has Autism and is nonverbal, and being in a crowd can make him feel overwhelmed.

“My son Brody was having a meltdown. It was our turn to take pictures with her and he wanted nothing to do with it,” Lauren shared in a post online.

“My son Brody has Autism and is nonverbal. We went to meet Snow White by the fountain at the Germany Pavilion at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. My son was having an autism meltdown. He was crying and was overwhelmed and just having a hard time.”

When it came time for Brody to take his picture with Snow White, he was crying, and the kind woman dressed as Snow White noticed he was having a difficult time.

Photo credit: Lauren Bergner


Photo credit: Lauren Bergner

Understanding that the crowd was likely causing him to feel overwhelmed, Snow White held his hand and gently walked with him away from the crowd and around Epcot with his mom. She took time to help him calm down, and eventually Brody began to smile.

Photo credit: Lauren Bergner


Photo credit: Lauren Bergner

“I am so emotional with these pictures!” Lauren shared.

Lauren was so grateful for the kindness, understanding, and gentleness Snow White showed to her son, that she wrote a thank you letter to Disney.

“Hello, I wanted to share an amazing experience I had today in Epcot,” Lauren wrote in the letter. “Snow White could tell Brody had special needs and she took him for a walk and got him time away from the crowd! This is true magic!”

Photo credit: Lauren Bergner

“Snow White was absolutely amazing with him! She kissed, hugged and cuddled him. He was laying his head crying on her lap. She then took him for a walk away from the crowd. She was amazing. She held his hand, danced with him, took him over to a bench and sat with him. She went above and beyond! She took so much time with him and was a pure angel! She was simply magical, and my family is forever thankful.”


Photo credit: Lauren Bergner

“I would love to personally thank her. I have attached the pictures that were taken. I am thankful these moments were captured. My heart is full. Please make sure she is recognized! We will never forget this moment.”


A Beautiful Smile. Photo credit: Lauren Bergner


Photo credit: Lauren Bergner

“Snow White if you see this please get in touch with me.”

Lauren Bergner”

You are Loved.


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