Homeless Man Living In Car Found Kind Letter From Neighbor Offering Food Anytime He Needed It

“I live in my van. Found this on my windshield this morning.”

When a homeless man living in his van woke up one morning, he found a handwritten letter left on his windshield written by a neighbor who lived across from the park where he had been parking.

“Friend,” the letter began. “I’ve lived across from this public park for a few years now.”

The kind neighbor, Dan, had noticed him living in his car, and shared that he too had “been there.”

“It’s not hard to recognize when someone is living from their vehicle, I’ve been there too.”

Dan told the homeless man that if he ever needed anything, or any food or water, that he would gladly help provide.

“If there is anything you need, food, water, etc. Please feel free to knock on my door. I’m directly across from you at 2455. I am a Christian, I ask nothing in return. I see you out there and I feel for you.
– Dan”

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Thousands of hearts from around the world have been moved by the compassion shown from Dan to a struggling homeless person living out of their van.

“Beautiful loving person reaching out to someone less fortunate. This gives each & everyone of us hope in mankind. What love & kindness can do. God Bless both of you,” wrote Denise C.

“Myself, my 7 year old son, 2 small poodles; we lived in our car for over a year. It was very hard & I can thank those who helped us as we struggled. This is not a sad story but I know exactly what this family went thru. God bless those who help the unfortunate,” shared Dora M.

“Several years ago my husband and I ended up with 17 people in our house. Besides family there was a mom living out of her car with 2 children, 2 ex coworkers of son then they brought their wives in, and a few others here and there. Must say one of the more interesting periods. My family still talks about it. As they found their way, they went. Hope they all found what they were looking for,” shared Mary B.

“My God, good humans are everywhere. Keep going folks. You inspire me,” commented Julie L.

“Back in the 70s we were traveling Aus and staying at a caravan park in Yeppoon. Middle of the wet season and there was a man and four children living in their car. We let them move into our annex and I looked after the children while dad got a job, and a month or so later rented a house. They were so grateful,” commented Joan M.

You are Loved.

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