Kind Neighbors Packed Little Free Pantry Full With Food And Doll After Seeing Little Girl Using It For Peanut Butter

When kind neighbors learned that a local free pantry was being used by a little girl who seemed to like peanut butter, they filled it with everything they thought she would like.

Mike Ellis was walking by a Little Free Pantry in Spokane, Washington, when he noticed a little girl using the pantry by herself to get some food. She seemed excited when she found peanut butter and macaroni and cheese inside.

“I walked by the Garland Church little free food pantry at about 7 pm Tuesday night,” Mike shared. “I stopped when I saw a young girl looking for food. She looked excited when she found mac and cheese and peanut butter. She happily put the valuable food items in a bag and walked down the street.”

Noticing that the pantry was nearly empty, Mike posted online asking neighbors if they could help refill the pantry for a little girl who was using it.

“After she left, I checked out the pantry. It was nearly empty. If you can, please donate non-perishable food to this little free food pantry.”

Photo credit: Mike Ellis

After a little time had passed, Mike walked by the pantry again to see if anyone had been able to donate to it. To his surprise, it was now packed full with nearly a dozen jars of peanut butter, peanut butter cookies, pasta, bread, oatmeal, soup, and a brand new Barbie doll which had been left for the little girl.

Photo credit: Mike Ellis

“I just stopped to see how things were going at this much-needed pantry, and it was packed.”

Photo credit: Mike Ellis

“The pantry was full of numerous donations, including peanut butter, mac and cheese, and a new barbie doll any little girl would love. Thanks to the generous, kind people that made this happen.”

Photo credit: Mike Ellis

Thousands of hearts online have appreciated the kindness and generosity shown to this little girl through their donations to the Little Free Pantry.

“How beautiful, that’s what life should be all about, looking after each other,” wrote Therese T.

“What an amazing idea. I had a friend that did this with books but I love this idea with food. She had hers in her front yard. Humanity is still alive!” commented Wendy S.

“We all need to do this in every town big or small, sharing is caring,” wrote Arlene G.

“We have a lady that does free fridge in Atlanta. She is amazing, she talks businesses into letting her set up refrigerators and shelves in their parking lot. The entire Atlanta metro community contributes and anyone can come get food anytime. This is the kind of thing that should be making headlines. People helping people ❤️” shared Janie N.

You are Loved.

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