Kind Couple Makes Lunch Each Week For 75 Homeless People In Their Community

A kind couple makes 75 sack lunches each week and drives around their community giving them to every homeless person they can find.

Mary Ann and John Bush from Knoxville, TN, spend their Sundays preparing delicious lunches for their hungry neighbors.

Each week they line their dining room table with enough food and supplies to fill enough paper bags with lunches for more than 75 homeless people in Knoxville.

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It took Mary Ann and John a few months to get their process down pat, and they started out only making 50 lunches each week.

“We pretty much have it down now where we don’t run out of anything,” Mary Ann laughed.

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Each lunch has a sandwich with meat and cheese, a piece of fruit, a few snacks and a bottle of water. The couple then sign each bag with the phrase, “Love, Jenny.”

For the homeless of Knoxville, the Sunday sack lunch from this sweet couple is something they dearly look forward to.

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“I think a lot of people love Jenny now,” Mary Ann and John laughed. “Although they don’t know who she is. They think I may be Jenny because they’ll look at me and say ‘Thanks, Jenny!'”

Jenny is their daughter who suffered from bipolar disorder, addiction and homelessness, and who passed recently.

“Jenny passed away last November and I say it’s from complications of being homeless, from not taking care of herself or seeking out the help that she needed,” Mary Ann shared.

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To honor Jenny’s memory, Mary Ann and John serve as many lunches as they can to the homeless, to let them know they are loved and are not alone. They also hope that at some point, that someone had treated their daughter with the same amount of kindness when she was struggling with homelessness.

“I would like to think that somebody took the time to do that for her when she was homeless, so we do that for her,” Mary Ann said. “I see her face in every bag that I hand out, and I just pray that at some point in her life somebody did that for her.”

The couple drives around together seeking out homeless tent communities and people who sleep under bridges. They share a smile, a free meal and a “God Bless! Have a great day!” with each person they encounter.

“Wherever we see someone who could use a meal, we stop and pull a lot of u-turns,” Mary Ann and John laughed. “It may the only meal they have for the day. It’s nothing fancy, but it will sustain them for a day.”

Photo credit: Heart Threads

They try to make sure that each homeless person they share a meal with always leaves with a smile.

The couple shared that they are not looking for recognition, but they would be grateful if others also did what they could to help take care of the homeless in their communities.

“We just need more trench workers to help out, and that’s how it is,” John shared. “A thought is only as good as its action. If you think about it, I’m proud of you, but if you actually do something, I love you.”

You are Loved.

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