Kind Young Woman Filled Coffee And Prepared Takeout Bagel To Help Elderly Man With Palsy In His Hands

A kind employee took her time to thoughtfully prepare a takeout order after noticing it was for an elderly gentleman.

Rebecca Panza was in line at a cafe when she witnessed a moment of gentleness and kindness for an elderly man that warmed her heart.

A young woman behind the counter had prepared a coffee cup and a bagel with packets of cream cheese for a takeout order. As she brought the order to the counter, she noticed that the customer was an elderly gentleman who had palsy in his hands, which might make putting the cream cheese on his bagel difficult.

“An elderly man who had palsy in his hands had ordered a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese to go,” Rebecca shared in a post online. “The young girl behind the counter put the bagel and cream cheese in a bag, then put the bag and empty cup of coffee on the counter for the gentleman.”

As the elderly man came to get his bagel, the young woman, Rachel, noticed his condition, came back to the counter and put the cream cheese on the bagel herself. She also went to fill the elderly man’s coffee cup for him.

It took her a few minutes extra, and even though there was a line of customers waiting, she took her time to gently care for the elderly man.

“She then realized he would have difficulty, so she walked over and filled his cup of coffee for him and took the bagel out, spread the cream cheese on it, and replaced it in the bag.”

“The line behind me was getting longer, but none of us were impatient as we watched the random act of kindness of Rachel the employee. I find it rare to see this respect and kindness… so I had to write to acknowledge her act. Thank you for restoring my faith in people, Rachel.”

Many hearts online also appreciated Rachel’s compassion and care for the elderly gentleman.

“There is hope for our world!” commented Candyce W.

“This is why we are here. To be His hands and feet to the world,” wrote Nancy F.

You are Loved.

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