Kind Uber Driver Learned Stressed Passenger Was Saving For Shoes, Then Bought And Delivered Her New Pair

A kind Uber driver decided to pick up a new dress and a $50 gift card for a passenger she had in the morning after learning about her financial struggle.

Uber driver Lamiyah Jabbar came to pickup passenger Diane and the two shared a brief but friendly conversation while driving to Diane’s work at a fast food restaurant. They talked about church, and Diane mentioned that she really wanted a new church dress and a new pair of shoes but she couldn’t afford them at the moment as she was also working to help take care of her grandchildren. She was currently just able to afford her bills and to put food on the table for everyone, and planned to wait until the holidays to do some shopping.

After dropping Diane off at work, Lamiyah decided that she wanted to do something special for her. In the afternoon she drove to Old Navy and purchased a new dress for Diane, and also a $50 visa gift card which Diane could use to buy some new shoes for church.

“This was on my mind from the moment she got out my car, so I had to contribute. Can you imagine waiting till Christmas just to get a robe, house shoes and an outfit for church,” Lamiyah said.

After getting the gifts, Lamiyah waited in Diane’s drive-thru line, and after reaching her she smiled and said, “Hi, do you remember me Diane?”

She reminded her of their conversation that morning and said that she went ahead and purchased her a new dress and a gift card for her new shoes.

Diane was very surprised and very grateful; about to the point of tears. She shared that she’d been having a bad day, but that this had made it so much better.

“This has been such a horrible day but you’ve just made it so much better,” Diane said to Lamiyah.

The two shared a sweet moment, and then Lamiyah drove off.

“We all aren’t afforded the same opportunities,” Lamiyah later shared. “So if we can help each other in any way to make their day or lives better we should, without hesitation.”

The willingness of Lamiyah’s sweet heart to go out of her way and spend her own money to help brighten the day of a stranger is beautiful to witness. Really thoughtful random acts of kindness are often treasured in the hearts of those who receive them for years, and sometimes for an entire life. With so many struggling today financially, consider going out of your way to do something unusually kind for a stranger. That deep feeling of love and joy we get from helping others is worth far more than money, and the seeds of kindness we plant are exactly what the world needs right now.

You are Loved.

Watch Lamiyah giving Diane her gifts in the drive-thru:

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