Fun Quiz: The Beach You Choose Reveals A Hint About Your Personality

The choices we make are often based upon our own personal collection of memories and experiences which rest within the subconscious.

In this fun personality quiz, choose which of the four beaches you would prefer to visit, then read below to see what interesting clues it may reveal about your personality. The one you’re drawn to will not only reveal possible details about your subconscious, but it may also reveal hints about where you’re headed to on your next vacation.

Choose the beach you feel drawn to, then read below see what it says about your personality:

1. Relaxing Bay

If you are drawn to the relaxing bay, it means that you are a peaceful, nurturing and harmonious person. Your personality tends to be calm and down to earth. You don’t sweat the small stuff, and just enjoy being happy with the ones you love. While you love to relax, you also have a healthy balance between your personal life and your professional life. You’ve discovered how important balance is for attaining true happiness.

As you’ve achieved a decent amount of success in your life, you really enjoy spending your time with others, as well as passing on some of your wisdom to them. People generally feel comfortable around you, so don’t be afraid to show them just how big your heart really is.

2. Blissful Solitude

If you were first drawn to the second beach of blissful solitude, then you are a creative soul who sees the beauty in everything. While many people may just see a simple tree or a flower, you can an entire universe contained within it. You regularly look for honest and new interpretations of the world around you, and your understanding of life has most of the people around you viewing you as very mature.

You’re often quite content in your own company, and your consciousness rarely strays from being centered in your heart. After you’ve had your own time to refresh and recharge, you often pursue your passion of helping others.

3. Peaceful Paradise

Those who are drawn to the Peaceful Paradise tend to be beautiful, sensitive and honest souls. They have a deeply romantic side, and experiencing the depths of love is very important to them. They view emotions as a gift, honoring their own and showing compassion towards the feelings of others. Being there for others is in their nature, and they often come to the rescue of friends and family when they need it.

While connecting with others is so important for them, they also have a very strong and deep desire for inner peace. Practicing embracing their own feelings in self-compassion, as well as letting their minds rest and relax in stillness can serve as a healthy foundation through which great ideas of inspiration will come to them. Don’t be surprised if your heart whispers something brilliant to you after you’ve come to this place of inner peace.

4. Hidden Treasure

If you are drawn to the Hidden Treasure Beach, it means that you’re an adventurous and enthusiastic individual who also enjoys finding peace in next-level places of beauty. You find joy in everything you do and tend to keep your focus on the bright side of situations. You hope to gain as many wonderful experiences as you can in this life, and one of your lesser known fears is being bored.

You understand just how valuable life really is, and once you’ve set your mind on achieving something, you humbly and quietly do whatever it takes to get it done. While you’ve seen many wonders in many different places in your life, you’ve also found great value in looking within your own self and heart through meditation. You’re not sure which is more vast and incredible; the many sights to see all around the Earth, or the depth of beauty that exists within your own heart.

Did your choice reveal any hints about your personality in this fun quiz?

Let us know in the comments.

Have a beautiful week.

You are Loved.

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