Fun Quiz: The First Animal You See Reveals Your Personality

The world famous psychologist Richard Gregory used his hollow mask experiment to show that the brain’s visual perception relies on top-down processing and that nearly 90% of the information our eyes first perceive is lost by the time it reaches the brain.

Due to this, the mind has to make its best guess based on past experiences and memories relating to knowledge of the subject being observed.

In this example of a rotating Charlie Chaplin mask, Dr. Gregory explained how we perceive the hollow side of the mask as protruding and turning in the opposite direction, based on the mind’s expectation of how the image “should” look and appear to be.

The mind is not used to seeing inverted faces, but it has a tremendous amount of data on what regular human faces look like, so this causes us to see something different from what actually exists.

What our minds first perceive can also be related to certain subconscious associations, and potentially even our personalities. In this fun animal visual test, pay attention to what animal your eyes first see when looking at the picture, then read below to see what it says about you: Which Animal Do You See First?

Fun Test: The First Animal You See Reveals Your Personality

The Bear

If the first animal that you saw was the bear, you are a very logical and intelligent person with a high amount of integrity. You have a strong sense of values centered around love and kindness which often cause you to go out of your way to help others. While often quiet and observant, your mind picks up on everything around you, and you’ve always been able to learn very quickly. You’re hardworking, diligent and serious about the things that really matter to you.

Harmony in life is something that’s very important to you. You’re often content in your own company, but also love to get a little rowdy from time to time with your friends. You sometimes wish that people could understand certain topics a bit better in life, but you know that by setting a loving example of kindness, you are doing your part to help steer the world in the right direction.

The Sloth


If the first animal you saw was the sloth, you have a wonderfully calm presence and enjoy living each day at your own pace. You are a very kind, sensitive, compassionate, and considerate person, and the people close to you in your life know that they can count on you for anything.

Noisy social settings aren’t always your cup of tea. You prefer peaceful enjoyment such as watching a good movie with a loved one, listening to great music, or reading a good book at a cafe or in your own home. You help as many people as you can in life without expecting anything in return. The world is lucky to have you in it.

The Eagle


If you first noticed the eagle in the picture, then you are a person with a deep passion for self-discovery and personal freedom. You are a natural leader and tend to be attracted to other charismatic and strong-willed people. While you sometimes can become impatient with those who cannot fly as high or as fast as you, you have a big heart and are willing to help those who need it.

You love to travel and see new places, and are able to handle any challenges that come your way with confidence and professionalism. The eagle is one of the only birds that, when it sees a storm coming, can fly above the storm, rather than sit beneath it. Your positive mindset works the same way. When challenging things present themselves, rather than sitting in the wet rain and mud and letting it bother you, you keep your vision set on the sunshine after and have a general optimistic attitude that you will succeed. Your secret hobby of kindly helping strangers makes you quite a noble person.

The Horse


If the first animal you saw was the horse, the words beautiful, influential and charismatic are all about you. You have an active lifestyle and are sometimes spontaneous, as you try to never miss an opportunity to follow your heart. Your energy feels wild and free, and people love to be around you to get a sense of this for themselves.

Your caring communication skills are some of your most valuable traits, as you’re able to clearly explain your ideas, and are able to lovingly and supportively listen to others when they express themselves. You’re sensitive to the needs of others, and do your best to make sure that your words are always as kind as possible.

Maintain your deep heart connection and sense of freedom within by going for what you want in life, and let go of any need for obtaining results. Simply by following the deep love in your heart, you will be taking great strides towards a very, very bright future.

The Butterfly


If you first saw the butterfly, then you are a wonderfully optimistic person who tends to focus on the bright side of life. The butterfly is a wonderful symbol of beauty and transformation. From cocoon to one of the prettiest creatures on the Earth, the butterfly represents the ability to go through difficult times in life and to emerge as an incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out.

You’ve done a lot of personal growth in your life, developed your emotional intelligence, and have become quite magnificent and beautiful. You have a keen ability to focus on and grow love, both inside of yourself and in others. When others notice the mature and beautiful way in which you handle yourself, they are inspired and want to be able to do the same. You make the world a more beautiful place, just by being you.

Which animal did you see first?

Let us know in the comments.

You are Loved.

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