Kind Man Saw Two Boys Pushing A Broken Bike In The Rain; He Went Outside And Fixed It For Them

When a kind man saw two boys trying to fix their bike in the rain, he went outside, sat down and helped fix their bike for them.

Wilson Curtis was driving to a local hardware store when he noticed two young boys with bicycles getting soaked in the rain. One of the boys was pushing his bike and it appeared to be broken. As Wilson parked, he noticed a man walk towards his car and then stop and talk to the two boys to see what they were doing.

“I pulled up to the hardware store and saw this. In the pouring rain, [a man] came out to his SUV and sees these two young boys pushing a broken bike,” Wilson shared in a post online.

The kind man learned that one of the boy’s bikes wasn’t working, so in the rain, he sat with them until he was able to fix their bike.

“He stops everything he is doing and spent 5 minutes getting drenched fixing it for little man… They rode off happy and he just left with a smile on his face. Gave me one too! High Five to you.”

Photo credit: Wilson Curtis / Facebook

Hundreds of thousands of hearts online appreciated the kindness the man showed to these two boys.

“This makes my heart happy,” shared Jamila E.

“Kindness knows no bounds. Opportunities to show kindness are all around us… we just have to slow down and act,” commented Sue C.

“Brings a tear to my eye.. we could use more love in this world ?” wrote Geanie B.

You are Loved.

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