Kind Students Bought Truck For Gentle Moving Older Janitor Who Walked To Work Each Day

A group of kind students pooled their funds together to surprise their beloved janitor with a new truck.

Mr. Joe is a senior who works as a janitor for the young men’s school. He does not have a vehicle so he walks each day to work, and when he walks, he walks gently and slowly making sure not to have a fall. After seeing a need for Mr. Joe to have his own transportation, his students decided that as they graduated, they wanted to leave Mr. Joe with his own truck to make sure he was well taken care of.

The students told Mr. Joe that they had a surprise present to give him, and they asked that he be blindfolded as they walked him to the parking lot behind the school. When they got to the parking lot, they handed him a gift box, and asked that he open it and feel inside to try and guess what his gift was.

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“Let him open it and see if he can guess what it is,” one student said. “Do you feel anything Mr. Joe?”

“I don’t feel anything,” he sweetly said.

The box was empty at first, and afterwards another student drove up in a truck and put the key into the box as Mr. Joe was trying to figure out what the present was.

“Uh oh, there’s something in here,” Mr. Joe said.

“What does it feel like?” a student asked.

“This is like, a key or fob or something like that,” Mr. Joe said.

“Are you ready to know what it is?”

“I sure am,” he replied.

“Mr. Joe we appreciate all your hard work, us students came together, we got ya a little something. We know you’ve been walking to school for the past four years,” a student said.

“Every day,” Mr. Joe replied.

“We’re graduating this year and we just wanted to show you our appreciation so you never have to walk again.”

The students then began to remove Mr. Joe’s blindfold. As the blindfold was taken off, the students pointed to the truck in front of Mr. Joe.

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“Oh my God what is that?” Mr. Joe said as the blindfold was removed.

“That’s your car Mr. Joe.”

“Checkout your new hot rod.”

The students led Mr. Joe to his new white pickup truck and helped him get into the driver’s seat.

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“All yours Mr. Joe, you never have to walk again,” they said.

“I can’t believe this guys,” Mr. Joe said. “The school did this? The kids did this? Who did this?”

“It was us. We came together, we put together some money. All the kids did because all the kids love you.”

“I can’t wait for my wife to see this,” Mr. Joe said.

After a few more moments in the driver’s seat, Mr. Joe was overwhelmed with emotion and held his face a few times.

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The students came in and then gave him a few hugs.

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You are Loved.

Watch this heartwarming video of Mr. Joe getting his new truck:

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