Kind Young Man Quietly Put His Hand Between Hand Rail And Sleeping Elderly Stranger’s Head

While riding a bus, a passenger noticed a kind young man quietly help take care of an elderly stranger.

The elderly person was nodding off and slowly falling asleep, and while they were, their head was slowly moving towards the vertical metal grab rail.

The bus ride was a bit bumpy while driving on the road, and the young man standing in front of the elderly person noticed how close their head was coming to the bar.

Without saying anything, the young man slowly extended his hand and fingers and placed them between the elderly person’s head and the metal bar, to protect them in case of a nod or a strong bounce on the bumpy bus ride.

Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

It was very thoughtful of the young man to act with such compassion, and the elderly person likely never knew they had been quietly helped.

You are Loved.


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